Pentjak Silat is an Indonesian martial art and began originally as a weapons style of combat. Pentjak Silat has borrowed much from its nearby neighbours of India and China, blending those fighting styles into their own. The result was a style containing kicking and striking techniques mixed with a variety of weapons techniques.

Pentjak Silat Pencak SilatPencak Silat Amongst the thousands of Indonesian islands, there are hundreds of schools of Pentjak Silat, each with their own identity. Some of these also teach the arts of magic, healing and mystic powers.s

Origin of Pentjak Silat: Indonesia

Pentjak Silat founded: Approximately 1,000 years ago

Popularised by Dan Inosanto who founded his own version, Maphilindo Silat, as the synthesis of Dan Inosanto's family's vast experience in the Silat Styles of the Philippines and surrounding areas