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Master Shri Ram Choudhary has 20 years of experience. He began practicing Karate when he was just 5 years old. In 1 year he attained the level of black belt in Karate (Japan) and Karate (Australia). Three years later he completed Taekwondo from British Taekwondo. After that there was no stopping and he mastered - Kick-Boxing (USA), Shaolin Kungfu (China), PencakSilat (Malaysia), Muay Thai (Bangkok) & Tai-Chi (China).

Master ShriRam,is the First Indian to be awarded the respectful "Monk" from legendary Shaolin Kungfu (China) way back in 2002. He is 5 time International Gold Medalist , 16 time National Player, and 9 Time National Gold Medalist too. He is Master of Martial Arts, China and Master of Taekwondo, Korea (WTF) too. A devoted disciple of martial arts, he has founded the "Muay Thai Association" for Rajasthan and nurturing the young talent under the banner of association. He is a "Master in weapons" too such as Samurai (sword), Non-stick, etc.


Star Performance : Choreographed few stunt scenes in National and International Cinema Industry.

www.ninjasr.com www.muaythairajasthan.in