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Dr.Shri Ram Choudhary(Founder And Director Shriram Martial Arts Academy) is the Martial of 10 Arts.He began practicing Karate when he was just 4 years old and received a Black belt in record time of one year and became the youngest master in Asia to have achieved the feat which has been included in the India Book of Records.After that there was no stopping and he mastered - Kick-Boxing (USA), Shaolin Kung Fu (China), Pencak Silat (Malaysia), Muay Thai (Bangkok) & Tai-Chi (China).

He is the first Indian to be awarded the title of respectable "Monk" from legendary Shaolin Kung Fu school China. He is 5 times International Gold Medalist ,16 times National Player and 9 times National Gold Medalist too. He is "Master of Martial Arts", "Master of Taekwondo" and "Master in weapons" too such as in Samurai,Non-stick,Pencak Silat. Not only this he received his master's degree in Kung Fu from China and is also An International Taekwondo Coach from Hung hee University Korea. He founded the "Muay Thai, MMA, Pencak Silat" for Rajasthan to nurture and foster the young talent under the banner of association. He was also honoured with doctorate for his incredible achievements in sports. With his incessant hardworking nature,he is presently 15 Khan(Assistant grandmaster),4th DAN Black belt in Karate-Japan,WT 4th DAN Black belt in Taekwondo(Korea), 15 Khan in Muaythai(Thailand)and 2nd DAN in Kickboxing(USA).


Star Performance : Choreographed few stunt scenes in National and International Cinema Industry.

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